We provide full legal support for companies at all stages of their operation, from incorporation to liquidation. We advise on the choice of the appropriate legal form, the customisation of the Articles of association, the establishment of the organisational structure, the drafting of the corporate law documents related to the incorporation of companies and modifications of their Articles of association and the representation of our clients in the electronic registration procedure. We draft and review contracts, regulations and other legal documents necessary for the operation of the company and assist in obtaining regulatory approvals. In the case of start-ups, if an external investor is involved, we draft the agreements between the founders and the investors.

Thanks also to providing legal services to multinational companies, we can provide useful advice, including on issues related to the processing of personal data in the application of the GDPR and the local privacy law, and in the area of compliance, for example in the drafting of General Business Principles, Privacy Policies, Whistleblowing Policies.

We draft and review our clients' contracts. Contracts of sale, distribution, agency, franchise, logistics, warehousing, operation, transport, commission, research and development, licensing, cooperation, confidentiality, General Conditions of Sale, General Conditions of Purchase.

We draw up and countersign contracts relating to real estate (e.g. sales, exchange, lease, gift, beneficial rights, alimony and annuity and other contracts) and represent our clients in land registry procedure.

We draft and review our clients' employment contracts (including special agreements for managers), company policies (work schedule policy, mobile phone policy, company car policy, bonus policy), study contracts and bonus agreements. Our clients can also turn to us with confidence for matters relating to termination of employment and we can help them to implement collective redundancies in accordance with the law.

We carry out a full legal due diligence of the companies selected for acquisition, advise on the most optimal legal solution for acquisitions based on the economic point of view decision on the transaction, prepare the necessary documents for company registration and represent the company in the registration procedure.